Our Ultimate Goal At Albatroz Is To Build A Brand That Brings Golf Into The Future.

We feel this is done through securing multiple golf courses around the world where each golf course is established on the blockchain through smart contracts, DAPP’s, Oracles and NFT’s. We’d like all transactions from accounting practices to customer purchases to be seen by our community of holders in order to create total transparency.

NFT owners will have voting rights in the community DAO to decide on the course of action to take with the funds, this can include blue chip NFT’s to purchase and flip, Metaverse property, Crypto directly to your wallet or anything else the community can dream up.

Fifty percent (50%) of all operating profit will be transferred to the community DAO. In addition, you’ll gain access to free rounds of golf, Custom Golf carts, 3D NFT frames, and discounts on golf gear and apparel. These perks will all be based on the rarity of your NFT (see below for traits). We’ve set out a future goal of connecting all aspects of the community previously mentioned with an online store, potential partnerships and sponsors. We are beyond excited to build an NFT community that will innovate and drive changes to the golf industry like never seen before.

Currently we have Trademarked our Logo and we are working toward creating the DAO LLC in Wyoming


Distribution Of Funds

Golf Course

Start Up

Youth Golf or
Golf Related




Golf Course Purchase


Start Up


Youth Golf or
Golf Related



Why Did We Choose These Percentages?

We thought it was important to have a set amount locked up to purchase a golf course for our community, we are looking to buy a 4-5 million dollar course in a place that will be determined by a community vote. The start-up team is passionate about the project and we wanted to make sure they had some good incentives to pump out quality work and top-notch engagement with the community. The 2 founders (Greg and Geoff) are both doxed, the other team members are non doxed but fully dedicated to this project and are helping in a variety of ways. Charity is something the team cares a lot about, so we set aside a big amount for charity, head over to Discord, and get in the conversation, we would love to hear your ideas. This next one is a game-changer for the Golf and Web3 community, We are hiring a team to help make our goal possible by creating or using exciting DApps and oracles to make our golf course fully operational and visible on the blockchain. Finally, Giveaways! We want to reward our community by giving amazing prizes away as stated above.

NFT Traits

NFT Rarity Traits


Subject to change based on community input


Diamond (5)

Lifetime Membership at the course we purchase, custom golf cart, a Digital 3D picture frame with your NFT and a free NFT Mint for our second golf course. Additionally, all golf gear and apparel will be discounted. Will be randomly minted one of the Wood, Pink, Gold, Blue or Silver Diamond balls.

Gold (15)

20 free rounds of golf per year at the golf course purchased, a Digital 3D picture frame with your NFT and all golf gear and apparel will be discounted.

Silver (20)

15 Free Rounds per year at the course we purchase, a Digital 3D picture frame with your NFT. Additionally, all golf gear and apparel will be discounted.

Neon (3005)

15 Discounted rounds for the holder of the NFT and a friend or friends you are golfing with and all golf gear and apparel will be discounted. Will be randomly minted one of Blue or Pink Neon balls.

White (7005)

10 Discounted rounds for the holder of the NFT and a friend or friends you are golfing with and all golf gear and apparel will be discounted.


10,050 Albartoz NFTs to be minted



Albatroz Timeline

Nov-Dec 2021

Brainstormed NFT Ideas
Brainstorm Art Ideas
Brainstorm Utility
Brainstorm Roadmap

Jan 2022

Team brought onboard
Art, logo and Website creation begins
Social Media platforms are created

March 2022

Logo Trademarked
Finalizing of Website and Art

April 2022

Live with Website and Discord.
Marketing Campaign Started
Art Revealed


The Team

Geoff Findlay


Greg Findlay






NFTs are Non Fungible Tokens that are stored on a blockchain, a type of digital ledger. NFT contains a small unit of data that certifies the authenticity of the associated (digital) asset to be unique and non-interchangeable. The asset belonging to the NFT can be a picture, an audio clip, a video clip, and even tangible assets.
Several reasons can motivate people to buy NFTs. For instance, to acquire ownership over a unique asset, support the crypto NFT artist who creates the NFT, investment purposes, etc.
Primarily, NFTs are bought as a way to own a scarce asset or to support its creators, like when people purchase deluxe albums, collectible merchandise, or concert tickets.
A decentralized autonomous organization, or DAO, is an organization that’s governed by code instead of leaders.
Join Discord where the action is, there will be missions, games, contests and random Whitelist spots given away to helpful members. 
There will be 4000 Whitelist spots available and only 2 per wallet can be minted during the Whitelist presale.
10,050 Albatroz NFTs will be available.

This allocation of funds will first and foremost focus on securing a golf course. This includes all fees included in the purchasing process. The Community DAO will be established along with voting procedures. This will in turn assist in having the community help select which course will be purchased. This DAO will also hold 50% of all golf course profits and 2% of all re-sale’s royalties from NFTs. For Legal purposes the actual purchase of the golf course will be done through Albatroz LLC DAO, however we will be fully transparent and asking for your votes on helping decide the location and course that will be the most beneficial for the community.

This portion will include funds allocated for our Artist, Web Developers and Creators. We feel it is important to incentivize our key team members to ensure top quality product for our community.

We believe to truly innovate the golf industry, we need to invest in our future. We thought it would be fitting to look at a charity for a youth golf movement. This will in turn boost our community by involving the next generation to this project. We would love to hear your thoughts on potential candidates. Please head over to our Discord and drop us an idea in the Charity channel (link here). 

This portion will be used for establishing our golf course on the blockchain with full visibility for our holders through smart contracts, DAPP’s and Oracles. We realize this will be a large startup cost and we want to ensure we are doing this right for our community the first time.

We will be doing major giveaways every time 25% of the NFTs are sold. Every Albatroz wallet holder at the time the threshold is reached, will be entered into a Random draw to show our appreciation. 

Draws will be awarded as follows, this is to thank our community for helping make something we are very passionate about coming to life.   

1st – Golf Simulator Package (Est Value $15,000 USD)*

2nd to 6th – Custom Golf Club Package (Est Value $5,000USD per package)*

These draws will take place at 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% sold. 

**Crypto can be accepted in exchanged for the prize**